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Diablo Immortal Announcment | PC Gamers not pleased...

Diablo Immortal Announcment | PC Gamers not pleased...

At BlizzCon this year many PC gamers and fans of the Diablo franchise were waiting in anticipation for a Diablo 4 or similar announcement. But instead they got a Diablo Mobile game, as you can imagine fans lost the plot, and I suppose it was to be expected as the main Diablo fan base are also PC gamers.


I personally play games on multiple platforms including Mobile so to me this was mainly good news, however there are a few concerns I have with this announcment that I will get into later. First off check out these trailers - it actually looks like a good Diablo game.


As you can see this looks like a Diablo game and will probably do well (I know I will play it). The main concern is the fact that they have a Chinese Company making the game for them, and this particular company has made other Diablo clones in the past that were RIDDLED with micro transactions, and if one think EA has taut us is you can bugger up a good franchise very quickly by letting your greed run away with the gaming experience (I still to this day refuse to play any of there games as they messed with Star Wars :( ). 


So I guess we need to wait and see - as Blizzard has yet to announce a business model for this game. Here’s hoping they don’t kill to in the wast by adding Asian style “pay to win” mechanics that have messed up so many beloved franchises (RIP Dungeon Keeper).   

I do however think that Blizzard is more inclined to listen to its fans and even if they do bugger up bad with the Business Model they can change it afterwards. 


What do you think, I know its no Diablo 4, but realistically will you try it? 


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