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Tesla Model S range edges closer to 630km

When Elon Musk said the Tesla Model S was close to achieving 630km on a charge, he wasn't kidding. Tesla has updated the electric luxury sedan's stats once again to give it an EPA estimated range of 630km (previously 600km) in Long Range Plus trim. You could theoretically drive from New York City to Pittsburgh with enough battery life left to go on a brief tour.

Real-life results are bound to vary based on the temperature, your use of climate control and your driving habits. However, Musk added that the new figures might be conservative. He claimed that Model S and X cars made in "recent months" can perform better than their official EPA numbers suggest, and that this potential will be made accessible "soon" through a software update. That's likely comforting news for new owners still grappling with the winter chill's effect on their range, and hints that the magic 400-mile (640km) benchmark might already be achievable.You might not want to rush out to get one of these EVs (not that they're what you'd call an impulse buy) if you can afford to wait. Tesla plans to roll out its Plaid powertrain later in 2020, and that combined with a battery capacity increase could offer a substantially larger range boost. This might help those that were previously on the fence about moving to a pure EV because of range anxiety.

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